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How is DC Hospitality Different


We believe there are 10 important reasons that we are different from other hotel brokers:

  1. We are vigilant in evaluating the fundamentals that drive a profitable transaction.

  2. We also carefully look for a variety of “behind the scenes” factors that are not always easily visible but can significantly impact the success of a deal.

  3. We have a strong work ethic — but we’re also passionate about proper business practices and the highest financial ethics.

  4. We combine our “high touch” customer service with “high tech” marketing systems, so we can work for you effectively in today’s world of fast-moving information and quick decision-making.

  5. There are many variables in any hotel sale or purchase, but one thing always remains constant: our experience in handling issues easily and efficiently for you.

  6. We pay attention to small details — because in our business, like yours, doing little things properly can make a big difference.

  7. With one call to one person, you get all the answers you want — and all the accountability you deserve.

  8. We keep you fully informed by talking with you often and openly — communication is how we minimize your concerns and deliver peace of mind.

  9. Our most important product is your satisfaction — we work proactively for you because when you win, we win.

  10. Our responsibility to you doesn’t end when a transaction is completed — we are always available for follow-up questions, so you are satisfied today and stay satisfied tomorrow.

For bottom line results, you need our top-of-the-line services — and service!

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